How Many Bloggers Truly Appreciate Any Promotion They Get For Free?

Since I’m following so many bloggers last few months and trying to understand the nature of various kind of bloggers including personal bloggers, fashion bloggers, cause bloggers, technology bloggers and lots other niche bloggers-  got a simple question:

How Many Bloggers Truly Appreciate Any Promotion They Get For Free?

What is your experiences or thoughts regarding this question?


  1. I am trying to figure it out. I assume that it’s about blogging,right? Or could it be on other matters. Anyway, talking on this perspective alone won’t do any harm to anyone. To know how many would really appreciate the free promotion is quite subjective. Involving ourselves in all sorts of networking/sites give us so much exposures in terms of being noticed by others. Thus, we should play our roles in ensuring that we also notice others presence. Lets go back to basic, give and take. But the question remains, how many are sincerely or willingly doing that to those who have given them the favours in many aspects? For instance, vote, add and follow. Honestly, I do get the feel good feeling whenever I am voted, added and followed. In return, I’d do the same for my friends for a very simple reason, to make them feel good, too. It comes along with sincerity and as a token of appreciation. And I make a point to visit their blogs whenever possible. Commenting, when it’s necessary, and inspiring them, as well. There’s nothing to lose if we are able to practice the give and take attitudes. Just be realistic about it, you get what you give.

    Just a piece of my thought. :)

  2. Omo

    Thank you Balqis. You’re right It’s about blogging and you’ve given the golden rules: Give. And take.

    You give. It get back to you sooner or later. You do not give, what you have will go away sooner or later.

    Bloggers intend to share knowledge and experiences- recent days it becomes a earning factory, too. So far I can tell who intend to making money off from the blog has worse response regarding appreciation and they even don’t say thank you unless they see ‘profit’ by saying so. Other side of the coin- personal or hobbyist bloggers have remarkable intend for appreciation.

    Professional bloggers who learned to live into the niche very long time- doing good. Those new comers, most of the time, their beginners luck letting them forget about manners.

    Lots more to see in coming days and I’m eagerly looking forward.

    Thanks and stay cool. Happy blogging. :)

    1. I like what you said about it being an earning factory. I’m a writer, and I write for a living, therefore the earning side is my reality. However, I’m a writer :) .. I write to connect with people, and that’s the other side of the coin. I think the way I approach it is, people come first. I do what I do because I love it; if the money follows, that’s great (brilliant, in fact); if it doesn’t, at least I will have laughed well along the way :)

      1. Omo

        That IS the best part of our passion- primary focus is the things we love, if money comes, that helps but secondary.

        Sadly- few people focused on that money as their primary goal. Worse the experience it becomes than- they turns into machine, or, the system make them un-human when it comes to appreciate or get back to the readers/peer bloggers.

        I think, most of us wish to return back, how many do or can do- that’s the big question.

  3. Judy Gilbert

    I want to start a blog and I’m consulting you experts. I’d like to share some of my poetry. What about copyright protection? Only 2 of my stories/poems are filed with the Library of Congress. I’m hoping for an answer from all of you who are in the know!!

    1. Hi Judy. If you want to copyright your poetry online such as a blog or website here is a post on my site that has some helpful links. Moon I hope you don’t mind:) http://poeticvoices.us/community_news_submissions/how-to-get-your-poetry-copyrighted/
      I am getting ready for a date so I am sorry I am being brief. But if you need any more info you can contact me on the site.

      1. Omo

        I knew you had a post but couldn’t remember where I saw that one- so I’ve asked you. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer.

        Judy, feel free to visit the link and if you have more questions ask anytime, please. Thank you.

  4. Moon this is a great topic. I don’t think most bloggers do. My favorite saying is “You must be supportive in order to get supported” I feel when you support other blogs you are promoting yourself. Not just your blog but you as an individual. But they fail to realize that. I know you are familiar with Daniel Snyder’s blog and I had just commented today on a post he had written about supporting others. Some bloggers are too much about me, me, me and we see that and it makes us not want to support someone who has a narcissistic approach to blogging. I know I don’t. I create Poetic Voices to support, engage, encourage AND promote others. That for some reason brings me joy when I promote someone and they start getting readers and meeting others. But what you do with that new found audience is up to you. I will be back later to talk more.

    1. Omo

      Sure, take your time. I’ve some interesting experiences and observation regarding this. Looking forward to learn more from you.

  5. Omo! Hey man, this is a great question and it looks like it has generated some good responses. I have a struggle in this area, because I receive a lot of great promotion from friendly bloggers (such as yourself), but I have trouble reciprocating it… I tend to overlook people, miss blogs, and fail to otherwise give in return. Sometimes I’ve felt slightly guilty about it, but I remind myself that I can’t please everyone! Still, I don’t want to forget people and want to encourage and support those who are supporting me. I also want to take the time to support others even BEFORE they support me… it’s not about giving so I can receive… it’s just about giving! I realize this is the first time I’ve commented over here, and you’re last comment on my blog spurred me on to get over here. I need to generate some sort of system whereby I can track all the blogs of people I’m a FAN of, and make sure I regularly visit and support them! Thanks for asking this question and stimulating some thought in me… Keep blogging!

    1. Omo

      Thank you for stopping by. I try to follow a simple rule: when you give don’t expect return (I comment without thinking who will comment/visit/link back). When you want don’t care who thinks what (no explanation needs here).

      Who wanna making money off from the blog (pro-blogging) sooner or later become a machine. The system is this (don’t please everyone, just please who could benefit).

      I’m a bit old fashioned (though not really old enough), you noticed I didn’t install email subscription system (though, I’ll, few people already asked). I also don’t subscribe while comment on other blogs. I visit back, after a while, to read the blog again or to see if any reply is there. I don’t do thousands of comments in a week so It’s not really tough. And those who comment here, I visit them frequently by following their link if they leave any. Simple.

      I guess you may not far from being the pro-blogger, since you looking for “tools” to minimize, just saying. ;)

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Happy Blogging.

  6. I always try to pay it forward, and I usually get it back in return. I get it back in return in someway shape or form.

    Mr. Makingusmile

    1. Omo

      Thank you, nice to know it get backs to you, that feels good always.

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