Hayao Miyazaki – The Magician

Hayao Miyazaki is a magician. He must not a human.

I remember watching Princess Mononoke and The Secret World of Arrietty was a dream. But watching The Wind Rises– I just realize there is another earth- that much creativity and details is like his clinch knot- hook you up, take your breath away and then hail you up to ninth cloud- lets you walk, run, sense the intense and then poof- you find and realize you do have souls rests somewhere unknown.

When I came back to this world- I’m experiencing what is like pavane- walking slowly and discovering each of his masterpieces.

I have been Spirited Away, stuck in Howl’s Moving Castle– met Ponyo and have have to write this note. I’m glad to know this magician, I am, truly I am.



  1. The magician had cast the spell on you! Hehehe
    Isn’t it great knowing the souls resting somewhere?
    You have been there! :)

    1. Omo

      How do you guess that? Are you wizard or something? Hahahaha!!

      It’s a blessing- well, as long as it inspire me to hunt for hearts on everything!

      Yes, BB- thank you. :)

  2. I hadn’t been much into anime but after reading your post and checking his wikipedia page, I would like to watch some of his work. :)

    1. Omo

      Me too isn’t really attached to anime (but since childhood I do have a different connection with all things cartoons/animations/paintings)- Miyazaki just the mastermind to break into your mind as soon as you started to watch! You have been warned once again- :))

      In case you dare, may be The Wind Rises or Spirited Away could be your ticket- though each of his movies holds the beauty in so different ways!

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