Happy New Year- to the good people!

I’ve been always fascinated by the saying that rather telling what you’re going to do- do it first. And whether you’ve done something great you wont have to claim it- others will talk about it. Lastly, a group of people can do things better than a single person can.

Fortunately, I’ve met many people, who proved many, many times that life isn’t that simple. :)

When you’ve done great things, when you help people to do great things- most of ’em will never appreciate your efforts. They will do their best to make you believe it’s coincidence, presents many excuses to not let you feel good about your true strength. And then, they will hijack the benefit without your knowledge (they will do their best to hide these benefits from you, as long as they can)- that’s how they pursue their lives- make you their pave-stones.

Then there are people who does the opposite. They empower you.

The most tricky things in life is to spot who is who. The better you gain skill about it, better the life become. Whom you spend time with, matters a lot- you better make sure you’re with only good people.

In this new years eve- I’m again fascinated by the fact that, If you don’t value your strength- no one else will. When you don’t claim what you can do- and at any cost pursue to do the right things- you’re no better than a pave-stone.

A good person become greater eventually- always. The path isn’t easy, that’s why it’s great. To enjoy every single breath, it’s what a human can do. Be good, and do great things. Even when no one believes.

Happy New Year- to the good people.


  1. Happy New Year, Omo! May all the best come your way throughout this year. :)

    I know I’m among the good people. :)

    I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote here. That’s fact!

    Thank you for your thoughts. :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You’re among the great people, BB! Life is beautiful, you never hesitate to remind that!

      Thank you so much- and have a great great year- :)))

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