Music: Happy

Here goes the beautiful song- “Clap along if you feel like Happiness is the truth”.

It’s a happy day- and Yay! Its my birth day- :)

This goes here instead of the official music video by Pharrell Williams, since I like the dance under the water! And, its funny to discover the lyrics in case you didn’t listen it before- :P

Update Dec 30, 2015: Since the video had been deleted, updated with Official Music Video.


  1. Happy Birthday, Omo! How time flies! :)

    This is really a beautiful song. I enjoy it! Those dancing in the water could perform so well. Unique, I should say. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Birthday once again! You deserve to be happy on this special day and on any other day. :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB! Time has wings, it went very fast!

      I love the lyrics of this song- and want to dance along! :))

      My year starts with a great day- seems like this and coming years would be really really great!

  2. This music is magical, dude!

    It goes beautifully with this wonderful day that some years ago we had the gift of a baby who brought, and brings, joy with his haiku and beautiful posts.

    Thank you, Omo!!!

    And… Happy Birthday!!

    1. Omo

      :) :) :)

      Thanks, my friend- :))

  3. Hey these days I’ve been listening to this song! and I love the lyrics :)
    how I missed your birthday.. Happy Birthday Omo! :))

    1. Omo

      Happy to discovered the happy song in a happy day! I was lucky- :)

      Thank you, Kitty- :))

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