1. How strange to be a stranger to oneself but it does happen to anyone at one time or another. That’s when the mind goes deeper in thought, pondering into questions of who we really are. You pose a very good question, Omo.

    A thought-provoking Haiku. I like it and glad to be able to read another one of your creativity. :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Thanks, BB- you’re very right, it’s strange to be a stranger. :))

      Like you’ve said, it does happen one time or another- what is interesting is that, when we put our shoes onto other person’s, think about our actions, we can see things we may not realize otherwise. When we start questioning our purpose, our perception or even our ability- and try to answer those as if we’re explaining things to stranger- we could find things to fix, or embrace it!

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