1. you have nice collections of haiku poems.keep update them and wait for more

    1. Omo

      Those I wrote- still not been 24 hours of age of them. :)

  2. kitty

    nice haiku moon..happy ‘haikuing’ :)

    1. Omo

      Yay! Thank you!

  3. You are truly in the spirit of Moon. Great job.

  4. I love your poems. They make me think of a Japanese garden and a tinkling stream.

    1. I’ve been forgetting to check if the gravatar thing worked and just remembered, and check me out! Can’t thank you enough. Still can’t believe I had JUST been thinking about finding out how to do that. You’re my personal fairy webmother haha.

    2. Sorry, I’m spamming you ;oo .. Omo, how do I get one of those commentators of the month things? I want your and Balqis’ mugs plastered on my page too :)

    3. Omo

      Sure thing! ;)

      Regarding the “commentators of the months” … Go to your dashboard, under “plugins” menu click on “add new”. You could find by tags or name and install in a click (it should be just that simple!). The name of this particular plugin is “Top Commentators Widget”. ;)

      Ask more on Bloggers. Will sure try to help.

  5. Wow! this is lovely! I don’t know why I missed this one. Now, I’m mmaking a come back! :)

    1. Mmmm…see my “mmaking” there! Too awed by the full moon! :):)

    2. Omo

      Hahahah- twinkling effect! :)

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