1. Wow! it’s great. I like your writing style. Short, simple but compact – with meanings. :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you! You describe what is Haiku- I’m glad it hold all of those features. ;)

  2. kitty

    Hmm..nicely expressed pain n anger ! I’m scared what would b in the next haiku?

    1. Omo

      Now I’m scared, can I have some water? :)
      What about something other than Haiku for the next time?

  3. outch!
    was that me you are defining hahaha! kidding!
    nice one!

    1. Omo

      Let me see you, so I can tell. (lol)
      Thanks for stopping by Stephanie, keep coming. ;)

      1. hello messing around again in your blog..
        I was thinking maybe there is a part two of this haiku.. hehe

      2. Omo

        Sure, are you “Messy”? (lol)
        What it could be the second part? Hmm- need to find out!

  4. I love this Moon! Feisty… Haiku can be expressive and you showed just that:)

    1. Omo

      Thank you! ;)

  5. Hey I stumbled onto your site from bloggers.

    Great haiku. totally true. LOL

    1. Omo

      Nice to meet you, Melanie. ;)

  6. Love it, mate :) .. anger doesn’t have to rage on and on. Sometimes it’s short and swift. Bites hard and fast.

    1. Omo

      Only when it short and swift- it bites hard- true! Otherwise it burns and not wanted! ;)

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