1. Here’s my response haiku –
    The one and only,
    King Of Haiku Omo,
    Have a great new year :)

    1. Omo

      It’s magnificent-
      Appreciate your kind words!
      Looking forward! ;)

  2. Cool greetings! :)

    Does it take light year,
    For me to be here again,
    See the stars above?

    1. Barrels of thanks for your new year greetings! :)

    2. Omo

      No light year- just wink!
      You’re among stars Busy Bee-
      All the light you have! ;)

    3. Omo

      Thank you for those Barrels- sweet! ;)

  3. Odliam

    Hey, don’t let me out!

    I can’t Haiku; a lot less than Oddie, but he can write nonsense enough while my trick is guide consciences, if you got my drift!

    I’ve been in those stars Moon, thousands of miles away, they are beautiful from afar, but lonely they are!

    You are the Haiku King, Moon, and Mrs. BB is the Queen, as a humble servant I am keen!

    Have not barrels but a keg… of warm lager, and another of cold stout, if I cheer this New Year I won be able to stand on a leg!!

    Greeting from… Elf!

    1. Omo

      No- you can’t be let out! You’re the Big Stars- ya- Stars, not lonely but nano! :D

      Cheers- my friends- a leg is good enough- let Elf hide the other one somewhere- It’s Okiee! :)

      1. Hehehe…just don’t stop me. There the two of you go again!

  4. kitty

    Here Moon showing path…atleast for me ;)

    1. kitty

      have a great year ahead !

    2. Omo

      Thank you for the kind word! Have a blissful year. ;)

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