1. My dear Moon, it’s exactly as said in this Haiku. I’m truly inspired by it and indeed it is a driving force for me to work smart. To achieve one’s goal, much has to be done. Though at certain stage, may face some “pain”, but no pain no gain. I love this Haiku which is another motivation for me. Will have it printed out and will put on the table at my office. Thank you so much! I’m happy that you are my friend! :) :) :)

    1. Omo

      Thank YOU! The idea for this Haiku came from your post- Couldn’t resist to write this to inspire myself! ;)

  2. To get things done, one must keep a step forward. Kudos to the two haiku lovers here! ;’)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Ning! Appreciate your presence. ;)

  3. I love this, it’s short and sweet and inspirational.

    1. Omo

      Thank You! ;)

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  5. very good picture, thanks for sharing

    hi from mas raden

    1. Omo

      Hi Mas Raden! Thank you- glad you like it. :)

  6. v inspirational quote ..nice!!

    1. Omo

      Thanks Geeta! :)

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