Tale: Ghost, A History

Tale: Ghost, A History

(Ghost, A History)

The day I saw her I realize what it is like being a man. That day, my kite stuck on top of a tree- I climbed and unwillingly fall in front of her!

That day, I became something more than a teenage boy-

She gone- gave me a blessing momenta. I don’t know how I reached on top of the tree. I spent- don’t know how long there- the sun gone too. It was time to come down-

And I came down so fast. Dropped from the tree again, unwillingly. My neck couldn’t tolerate the shack. I died. With heart full of love-

I’m a ghost ever since-

© Moonomo, 2011Image


  1. Oh! this is a very touching love story. It’s also so dramatic – unwillingly fall in front of her and unwillingly dropped from the tree.

    I assume she had gone forever. Then, both are now at a place so heavenly. May I say, it’s the case of falling in love, be loved and loved each other ever after? The ghost is now a happy ghost with a heart full of love.

    Very touching!

    1. Omo

      Thanks, BB! :)

      Looks like ghost didn’t had chance to being loved from other side- since that day he fall in front of her and from the tree- he become the ghost instead! She gone on her way- no idea whether she noticed the boy or not- ;)

      1. My pleasure! One thing I forgot to say, you wrote smartly the title of this post. First impression, was thinking of a ghost story but instead it’s Ghost, A History! Smart! :)

      2. Omo

        Thank you BB- :)

  2. Yes!

    This is the pronunciation of freedom! this is your July 4th, Omo!

    BB made the artistic critic, it is not necessary to add anything.

    What is especial is the wonderful fact of your skill to tell a story that awakes reverberations on the tissue of being! Love and a ghost make the right way to look into the mystery! I loved it!

    Great job, man! Thank you so much!

    1. Omo

      It is! Finally. :)

      I need to work more on- I wrote and posted this instant- should polish and choose the wording- not to surprise but to gaining the tale. :)

      Thanks Tony- you inspiring!

  3. WOW ! Beautiful love story though a bit sad because it seems it was one sided love. Amazingly the boy fell in front of her but failed to confront her so didn’t get noticed..
    Short n sweet story but its impact will stay long :)
    How nice would it be to become a ghost with heart full of love than being a man without love in heart ! what’s your say? :)

    1. Omo

      Thanks Kitty! :)

      Don’t know whether should I point out how great it is to cherish with our lives or should I point out how love blind us and change our lives to something else- :)

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