Getting in touch with Nature

Jacob Laukaitis. He reached me via Twitter, and from this blog’s contact form. A couple months ago. Shared the video- asked me opinion on the journey.

I really liked this- the way he captured moments, and composed the whole journey- it’s inspiring. Once in a while, leaving everything to just get in touch with nature is indeed awesome!

I forgot to share though. Recently, he send me another video- where he explored Bali. This one I like most. :)


  1. This is really awesome! I enjoyed the video so much. He went to so many countries without a map. Amazing! What really caught my interest is the beautiful nature. So breath-taking. Loved it!

    Omo, have you ever considered making such a trip? Going places, seeing faces…and seeing more of nature’s beauty.

    Thank you for sharing this video. :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Super breath-taking, yep! Loved the Balkans, truly. :)

      The answer going to be a lengthy one! Before I even reached to my twenty, I’d touched about 55 districts among total 64 districts of my country- I’d tasted at least a meal in more than 30, and spent nights on more than twenty of these districts- in a relatively short time in my late teenage. Well, I picked most opportunities to travel around the country- and experienced many, somewhat extra-ordinary moments of life these days. :D

      Including, shortening tour, and literally escaping from Sundarbans, locals warned of being kidnapped by thugs- learned next day that local Police captured 4 thugs with weapon from that area we went to. In another journey, mistakenly we dropped in a middle of open-land, far from local villages, during night from a train- instead of the next station we supposed to dropped off. The train actually stopped for half-a-minute for a signal.

      I went to St. Martin’s Island on fisher man’s boat- riding the front-nose of the boat- which were bumping around ~15 meters with each wave of the ocean! On another journey, I almost went down to a sinkhole above a waterfall, to the same place, we’d stopped the flow of the waterfall for-a-minute with a help of handful of people! ;P

      I’ve traveled repeatedly to few spots in different seasons, different years, enjoyed different view of the weathers of the place. But, interestingly, I’m yet to step outside of the country!

      During the times with corporate works, I’d almost became a cave-man. That’s why, for the last 2 years, I actually worked only a few hours a week- and spend a lot of time to re-connect with old friends, enjoyed family events- and re-discovered cities with a bicycle (that also explains my slow progress on work-front these days). Thus, in a way, I got off from the 12-14 hours of working habit everyday during the earlier decade.

      I plan to travel around the world, yep! Most likely, I’m going to travel as much places as I could- for the rest of my life- at least I’m hoping so- ;))))

      Well, one of the reason I’ve closed my office-life- I’m hoping to build a distributed team for work- eventually! That way, may be someday I could go to Everest- and live there for a month with a laptop, and watching the mountains. LOL-

  2. Wow! Please, share here more of your wonderful experiences and the pictures, too.

    You know, I like the idea of seeing and knowing more of our own places, then can spread our wings to other countries. How nice! :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Thank you, BB. :)

      You know, back those days Camera wasn’t digital, nor that easy to carry- though I can rewind memory and see the most of the moments of these days! Only in a few trips, photos were taken- I might need to knock my friends to get those sorted- I don’t have these old photos!

      I’ll share recent events, in the future. :)

      You’re right, seeing our places first are always a best start- spreading wings later become more awesome! :))

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