Get along with “Self”

If your stress level is high, try to cut off the sources! Don’t blame- don’t complain. Stay away from all things that emphasis anything related to “negative”.

Trying to take inspiration from others wont work either- just explore your soul, learn more about your “Self” and get along with it. That’s it!


  1. Oh, how nice to be able to get along with oneself! You got it right, Omo. It’s much better learning one self’s strength and weaknesses. Positive thoughts play an important role to lessen stress which is one of the modern “illnesses” and which, in some cases, stems from lifestyle. One has to be strong enough to overcome it before it ruins life.

    I’m stressful sometimes due to what’s happening around me; for instance the burden of work, having to meet and handle difficult people, matters related to home etc. But I don’t want stress to get the better part of me. There must be a solution to each problem. I don’t have a perfect life but at least I learn how to manage stress.

    This post is inspiring indeed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You could be quoted for this.

    Keep writing! :)

    1. Omo

      Yaaaap- modern world has the “illnesses”! That’s why getting along with “self” is a great to have feature we need in time! :))

      Life throws all the colors- it’s better to brush and mixture ’em while we can. Thank you, BB- you never forget to make it special!

      I miss writing Haiku- hopefully writing random thoughts will bring back the fun again! :)

  2. exactly! i agree with you :)

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