Fellow Blogger: Why you must be social

Blog and Blogging has a burst growth mostly because bloggers started to sharing their insight, skills and problems with the world. Which lots of people find it helpful, enjoyable and comparable to their own.

Those madness are just one side of the coin – have fun by meeting people.

As a blogger are you just throw your words and feel happy to think that you’re doing great? Nobody feels grateful to see you greedy even if you help someone somehow with your blog (unless they know you!). You need to find out where you stand by digging other bloggers. There’s always someone holds better/lower position than you- unless you know where you stands and what’s the ups-down compare to you- you just living a lie.

Connect with people, see what’s people doing- appreciate or give them feedback as much as you can- that will bring them back your returns. Lead and join community so you can always find someone to solve your problem. Sharing laugh with a wider community makes it higher.

  • The benefits # 1 : They will find bugs on your blog if any. Not always you alone would able to find all of them- may be it’s your hosting provider’s fault or some widget/gadget not working and such. Bug free blog helps the reason you blog to fulfill.
  • The benefits # 2 : They will share ideas that makes your blog even better. It might be a suggestion or news of some better template or new technology.
  • The benefits # 3: They will argue with you and correct any wrong information you may have. Eventually you’ll be able to be a perfectionist.
  • The benefits # 4: Comments, your most valuable property for your blog- you’ll get tons.
  • The benefits # 5: Link back and talks about your blog will produce much more traffic than you might have now. Aren’t you want them?

If you are too greedy, well you’ve your own world- live alone and die alone, nobody will mind.

Be social my fellow blogger. Give 100% and expect 10% in return. You shouldn’t regret if someone not gives it back to you- better a person you be and being nicer to others will lead more and more of them to your blog.

Happy Blogging. Best wishes for you.


  1. This post reminded me that being part of a community was a reason I started blogging. However since then I have neglected to be very sociable you have given many more reasons here for me to make more time for this :)

    1. Omo

      Nice to know Maria, many thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. That cartoon was too cute lol and so accurate. When i started blogging I thought it was completely antisocial. That’s because bloggers generally have a better relationship with their keyboards than other bloggers at first because it is what they spend the most time with.

    I have to constantly work on being more social. I have a family and children etc etc etc and sometimes that’s my focal and I have to step back form socializing with fellow bloggers. This was a great reminder :)

    1. Omo

      That’s great- being social always gives benefit along with fun time. Keep coming Toya. ;)

  3. Great post, being sociable with fellow bloggers is a must but due to time constraints it’s sometimes hard to consistently spend enough time In doing so.
    However I try my best haha.

    1. Omo

      Good to see you Ryan. Sometime it becomes real hard due to time- wish your best. ;)

  4. Being sociable as a blogger is needed to publish your blog. Get involve and be interested in someone else idea. True enough two heads work better than one. Thanks Moon for sharing this wonderful insights. :)

    1. Omo

      Nice to see you JP, thanks.

  5. I agree with you completely Moon. When I first started my blog, I had a Blogger blog and I had so many issues with it, no one was commenting. I then joined a blog community, they gave me great advice as to move my blog and become self-hosted, and to change my comment system. When I did that everything changed for the better. I get comments, I visit the blogs of those who comment and even if I feel I have nothing of value to add, I will at least Tweet, Stumble, Digg, etc their post so others will find it.

    1. Omo

      Thanks a lot YaGirlNextDoor. Commenting on each others blog is the greatest activities of blogging- not only it inspires but also add the value to the articles/posts. Looking forward to see you more here.

  6. great post. i am new to the blogging community and honestly speaking, i started blogging to get to know more people and get their views on different matters. one of the advantages of socializing is that you get in touch with people from around the globe and enhance your knowledge and understanding which is exactly why i am here for. looking forward to your next post.

    1. Omo

      I always suggest people to maintain blog and tell them to be active on blogging. This is the proven way to improve their senses, communication skills along with lot and lots more.

      Thanks Subho for taking the time and stopping by. Keep coming. ;)

  7. kitty

    useful tips..thank you !

    1. Omo

      Glad to see you here, kitty. Keep coming. :)

  8. I feel a but funny right now because since i started blogging I went back active on my facebook and twitter after a year of not being there…
    and though I want to be a bit mysterious about my blog I still promote it.. hehehe i feel funny now because I went back to socializing because of this blogging..
    well I guess I have to thanks blogging for bringing me back to netsocial life is there is such a word as that…

    1. Omo

      Happy Blogging, Stephanie. Nice to see great people like you around. ;)

  9. I responded to this topic at bloggers last night.

    Anyway, let me say it briefly here, socializing is just like building bridges that can link us to each other. It gives a lot of benefits such as being seen among the crowd. In blogging, it is crucial to socialize so that others know what your blog is all about and everyone needs feedbacks to further improve it. This helps a lot to keep blogging going. :)

    1. Omo

      That was a great reply! I recommend readers to head to Bloggers Talks and read about it including other replies. Thanks a lot for the share, you know, it feels good! ;)

  10. Great Stuff Moon!
    I was in the social arena before I started blogging. Having an inside scoop of successful social media sites such as Twitter/FB/SU/Digg and others. Blogging for just over a year now, a BabyGrand fell out of the sky recently with me. Having 2 similar social media blog venues that I am a member of, search engine’s indexing is extraordinary. What I mean by this is, I may have said this before, and if so, I apologize.
    Bloggers.com is indexed by Google, as Google gives links that Bloggers.com offers to the Web. I am a little prejudiced towards Bloggers.com as this social media outlet offers up-to-the-minute social contact as well. The other venue is Networked Blogs, all tied in with a FB account. Knowing this, this is indexed very nicely on Yahoo/Bing. Having this combination of social media blogging venues is by far the best any blogger could ask for.

    In closing, Twitter/FB is good, but not enough, as these are Nofollow links which are only temporary in the serp. Having follow links means to the search engines, You Mean Business~ :lol:

  11. Social networking is one of the best weapon for a blogger. They help you promote your blog while gaining friends (as well as foes) :)

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