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During the time I’ve worked on publishing item for ThemeForest, like everybody else, found the email they send for any rejections doesn’t provide direction that the author could understand and work on to improve. They usually send ‘stock messages’ that are vague, and kinda meaningless.

I was building a theme-framework included in the theme that I was submitting- there were couple of things I asked questions about for their feedback- but they just sent ‘stock messages’ without answering them. Later I find out Envato reviewers are not allowed to talk back to the authors- that’s official rules (it took me a month to find out about the rules- not easy to find!).

So, I created a ticket suggesting that Envato needs to provide feedback- while it’s may not possible to provide specific feedback for every items authors submit to the marketplace- but they need to work on providing specific direction for authors who have done good job but still may not up per the marketplace expectations. Unless they’re able to provide proper direction, it adds more costs to the authors since submissions’ review time is a long process- and rejections without suggesting what needs improvement are waste of energy for both parties.

Envato acknowledges my suggestion, and said they forwarded it to the right department.

A months or two later, saw they appointed one of the admin from WordPress.org Theme Review team for ThemeForest Marketplace. And their existing reviewers/quality team members started spending time (more or less) on WordPress.org slack channel.

Clearly, they have been improving their capacity and capability to provide necessary feedback to the author for their submissions. And (a few days back) Envato announced they’ll work more on the subject.

Meanwhile, I lost interest in Envato for many different reason- looks like since a lot of authors leaving Envato, they started giving priority to the things that matters to the authors’ process.


  1. At certain stage, it might be difficult to move on but due to some reasons, you got to move on for greener pastures.

    Just a piece of my mind.

    Cheers! :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      I like what you said- we get to move on for greener pastures and keep experiencing the life.

      Appreciate it, BB.

      Thank you! :)

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