1. The war is over, so the towel is no longer on his shoulder?

    Very nice limerick. I like it. :)

    1. Omo

      A person in City of Boulder (or anywhere) who fond about both Tea and Towel makes sense only if he is a Englishman! So he must be moved from England! It’s a common joke about Englishman- :))

      Thank you. BB-

      1. I wish I had known earlier but now I know. LOL

  2. Very nice limerick ! :))
    (Though I didn’t knew the joke about Englishman! LOL )

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Kitty – ;))


  3. nice piece… though like kitty.. I didn’t get the joke hehe

  4. Poor Englishman, cold war makes him lose his towel, his tea, and his birds! :))

    But he is a martinet, he learn during his serving in the Commonwealth, so wherever he is he will have his oolong, at eleven o’clock! :))

    Nice reminiscences brought your very good limerick, dude!!!

    Thank you!

    1. Omo

      You’ve eagle eyes, dude- :))

      Expat or not, we’re used to practice habits that stamped into our bloods- he must not forget to take his oolong with or without his birds or towels- :))

      Thank you. my friend- its a very good feelings to remember forgotten habits!

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