End of the Twenty Something


“Twenty Something” – this term kind of popular over the net! Those are just passed teenage becomes “Twenty Something”. For me it’s just becomes “The end of the twenty something”! I’m one of the Generation Y!

I’m curious to know how people explain those terms: “Teenage”, “Twenty Something” and “Generation Y”?


  1. OK, this is going to be easy:

    ‘Teenage’: it is the time when the subject hears jingle bells, from the ‘teen’ ‘teen’, you follow? These bells are so strong they prevent the subject to reason and think.

    ‘Twenty Something’: is the time when the subject stops hearing the bells. At the beginning that situation is very confusing and uncomfortable, ‘reality’ intrude into the subject’s life and disrupts reason and thinking.

    ‘Generation Y’: at first it was confused with the “Male Generation”, because the ‘Gen Y’, then it was discovered there were many females suffering the same lack of mental sanity and its name was rightly changed to the generation that followed the one called “Generation X”, which is reasonable if you look at the alphabet.

    It is also known as the “Peter Pan” o “Boomerang” generation, the former because their refusal to ‘grow up’, the later because they always come back to get help from ‘papa & mommy”, in the strong belief that “family is basal” and that “Blut ist dicker als Wasser” or better written: “Blood is thicker than water”! This absolute lack of responsibility relieves them from the duty to reason and think.

    1. Omo

      Ah- those days I knew those “EMO” moods but “teen” “teen” bells covered everything! Impressive explanation! ;D

      Thanks for the wisdom we get on our twenty something. That wisdom may save us who fall into “Echo Boomers”. ;)

      May be you can check out Oh Darn, I’m A Million Short…, nice one.

  2. I can’t explain but I enjoy reading Od’s explanations. A good topic. :)

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