Poem: Doubt – Draft for myself

Doubt - Draft for myself - Poem

(Doubt – Draft for myself)

Who you are?
I didn’t have to ask myself, until
I realize I don’t have the answer.

I knew who I am- one of the human kind-
Live to alive the lifeline
And up for “change the world”.

I never doubt about my steps-
They are strong and ambitious, until
I reach the state of stability

Happiness and fun fulfilled my eyes

Sorrow and weakness wasn’t there at all
And I had to lookback-

Who you are? What is your purpose?

Am I the last person to ask myself!

© Moonomo, 2011Image


  1. This is so thought provocating! One needs to ponder deep into every stanza for there are questions that need reasonable answers. A very beautiful write-up!

    I love the last two lines. Big questions there.

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB! :)

  2. A question everyone asks themselves at almost EVERY stage in life…
    It tends to remain unanswered..

    1. Omo

      Ya- And with some brainstorm and mumbling- few person think they get the “answer” that seems right- till another stage come in. :)

  3. kitty

    Brilliant Introspection !
    Moon scanning yourself ? :)
    everyone should spend sometime in introspection and contemplation.
    Very thoughtfully written !

    1. Omo

      Scanning the kind human! :D

  4. thanks for sharing your experience with us :)

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