Music: Don’t Tell Me

One of the best Music from Madonna. Dress, dance and the video- a true combo from those old days (Year 2000). Although cowboys don’t suppose to dance like ’em but hey I love to watch this over and over.

This is one of starred music in my jukebox to watch and listen frequently.


  1. A great combination that makes the video great! I understand why you watch it over and over again. Good music is meant to be appreciated. Omo, thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, BB! I’ve a plan to share those Music I love or listen hundred if not thousands times in the JukeBox series- :))

      1. Would love to listen more! Yunno, Omo, some oldies are really nice. Love listening to good nice old songs which are even older than me! It’s not that I’m from the old school but appreciating music is something I’m inclined to – old or new. As you can see a couple of youtube vids I had posted at my blog are old songs. I appreciate the lyrics and the music so much. I’m not in the “antique” group yet!! Hehehe

      2. Omo

        Ya! We’ll be young forever remember! :D

        A good music almost timeless entity- it’s new when we first listen and it’s old (read gold) once we listen many times- isn’t it? :)))

        You know I added Jerry Kamit’s Sape music into my library which you posted few weeks back. I don’t get much chance to follow newly released music- it’s kinda random to find something fresh- other then I tend to listen artists/songs over and over from my old collections-

        It’s funny sometime I listen only to the instrument or songs in different language which I’ve no idea what lyric says!

  2. Her greatest comeback song ! :)
    even I like her costume in this video, esp. that of checked shirt with a pair of jeans and a lovely belt :)) I have a pretty good collection of MJ and Madonna’s albums…those albums are one of my earliest collections… I still like them :)

    1. Omo

      Ya- I still remember how often MTV played this song those days! Nice to know you too love those two Star on the arena- :))

      I still listen to songs from those old days- now and then- a new song have hard time to having place in my playlist to play continuously!

  3. I am trying to decide if I like Madonna!

    Am I alone in this quest?!! :))

    Sorry!!!! :))))

    1. Omo

      Hahaha- think of the mood or the dance- no quest, dude! :))

    2. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Madonna, though I make an exception for a few of her songs, this one I do like but I do seem to have a preference for her earlier songs and I will always love “Frozen” perhaps because it was one of my fathers favourites.

      1. Omo

        I can relate- a few of her songs I like truly. The rest I didn’t follow as usual to a habit I’ve. “Frozen” one of the good music from Madonna- though It’s been so long I listen to that song.

        Nice to see you around, Maria! :)

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