1. Great done!

    It even scare a bit, reality is not to be faked or cheated!

    Wonderful, dude!

    1. Omo

      Gracias, mi amigo! :))

  2. You see, even my name is anagrammed!

    A gloomy omen!! Brrrrr!!! :))

  3. An inspiring Haiku this time. Reading it, there’s some kind of energy the words convey. Sometimes, it is in the subconscious mind the negative belief and will have control over our lives. But we are not going to let it believes what it hears and which is not true. So, it is perfectly right to tell ourselves we will achieve the goal when we believe we can do it. Facts cannot be changed into a fantasy.

    Just my say.

    Odmail?? :))

    1. Omo

      Your say always touches hearts, BB! You see, the title didn’t able to hide the inspiration for your eyes- :))

      Thank you for the words- BB!

      Guess, Elf laughs saying “You human”! Khick!

  4. I feel it’s a very optimistic realistic haiku – think the best of every situation…dreaming and trying to achieve, and yet grounding yourself in reality with very positive frame of mind.

    Energizing haiku ! :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Kitty- :))

      I love how you pull the gist of it!

  5. welcome back omo! :) it has been a long time since you post.. hehehe

    from what I know.. things differ the way you want to see things.. the way you are looking at it might be different in what you actually see and what your mind actually conveys… ..

    1. Omo

      Thanks Aj- Some I wrote long ago though couldn’t manage to post- I’ll see if they still fit for taking a place here- I tend to write fresh and share fast, or they get lost!! :))

      You said it- we “taste” things based on our inner mind! Our mind power is very powerful than we think- :))

  6. ‘The fact is not to deceive that fact!’
    Very realistic and awesome haiku! Lovely one on delusion :)

    1. moonomo

      Thank you, spark- :))

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