Comparison should only come in play when something needs to weigh on for understanding differences or, to spot what scope is there that is different or similar.

Other than that, comparing different people, or things or whatever is a waste of energy and doesn’t bring much of a value. Every people is unique, every ‘thing’ is unique (for example, when two things are exactly the same- they still are two different entity occupying different space).

That being said, never compare a thing or people to judge and claim any entitlement. That would be like shooting in your own feet.


  1. You know, Omo, some people are too judgemental.
    Well-said, it’s a waste of energy. So, let’s stay focussed on our fortes.
    Do you agree?

    Lots of smiles. :):):):):)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      You’re very right, people are too judgemental escaping the reality, and responsibility on their part.

      100 percents agreed- :))))

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