1. Like it or not, we have to face the complexity of life. If only we’re the seers! But men are meant to explore and make discoveries – pleasant or unpleasant. In the journey of life, there are lots to face and to handle. Thus, it’d be worth to seek what lies ahead. After all, life has a purpose.

    I’m happy to read another Haiku of yours. Your thoughts are well-penned. :))

    1. Omo

      In the journey of life, like you said, pleasant or unpleasant- that’s what keep the balance to pursue our purpose, and may be, to seek what is it. :))

      Thank you, BB!

  2. It is a human tendency to seek what we dream rather than what would come and persist but it is certainly good to remind ourselves of such inspiring words to keep a check on reality.
    nice meaningful haiku ! :)

    1. Omo

      We do not know exactly what will happen tomorrow. Think, if we know before it’s happen, it’ll never be the same- we’ll start to make changes to the future! What we’ve in our table, when we do not like, we up for changes- :))

      Thanks Kitty!

  3. Maybe uncertainty is the reason we give any worth to those things that persist. Or maybe not! :)

    Good work, dude!

    Words are maple syrup on the toasts of your mind! :)

    1. Omo

      Yes! Yah- :))

      Thanks Tony!

      Hahaha- Absolutely- syrup on the toasts! :)

  4. Sometimes it is hard to persist. Thank you for reminding me and encouraging.
    We have to, we simply have to.

    1. Omo

      Truly right, Ana! Sometimes it is harder to persist- And we have to, simply, that’s what we have to.

      We encouraging each other- :))

  5. once again thanks for sharing :)

    1. Omo

      Thanks SK- Appreciate your stopping by, welcome and feel free to come and stay- ;)

      1. i love your quick response for comments :)

  6. well the complexity that life gives makes it more interesting.. “perfection is boring” as they say. ^_^

    1. Omo

      That it is- can’t think of a life without ups-and-down, duh! :))

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