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TagBold – The First BuddyPress Premium-Grade Theme

Created BuddyPress theme on Oct, 2009 called TagBold– supposed to be first premium-grade open source BuddyPress theme- didn’t happen. Sigh.

At that time, BuddyPress just released version 1.1 and was gaining the momentum- I hand crafted every features they had and added few. Didn’t happen due to two reasons:

  • BuddyPress went to huge iteration for the next couple of months
  • I got busy with BloggersDotCom and re-used some major UI from TagBold to the Social Network, which actually boosted the popularity pretty fast. I’d built BloggersDotCom on anew framework, where I built similar social features but not BuddyPress in the backend.

And for the same reasonĀ (BloggersDotCom) I’ve abandoned months of works for opening up a Theme Shop for WordPress Themes, back in 2009. Well, many theme shops pop up in 2010 and they gained a huge market in next years- while I was busy making the best social network for Bloggers- :)

Interestingly, I’m now working on WordPress theme shop once again at a time when WordPress itself going through another change-set that recently gaining many controversial feedback from the community. This time, I’m staying put and they most likely going to change the world one more time-

Life is wonderful and full of surprise! :))



Doing what is right and the usual mistakes


I come to know about Mike Monteiro only a month ago or two, saw an article he wrote, followed him on Twitter and then had to see his “F*ck you, pay me“.

He talked about 13 mistakes in this keynote, and that apply to any ‘professional’- I’ve had certain share of those, including the wisdom he shared. He just boosted the spirit a lot high, since I’ve been doing things in a way he suggests-

Huh- when you have time, take your peek.

Usually I’m not up for watching keynotes now and then (that happen occasionally), though I’m already hooked about how he tells about doing things and the wisdom he passes to the audience!

How he talk is just so hilarious- :))


Where the Hell is Matt?

It’s absolute fun!

Most likely you knew about Matt? Remember the funny dance he was doing around the globe with so many people?

“…In 2008 Matt put out another video that showed thousands of people laughing, smiling, and goofing around together. It took him five years and three tries, but he finally got it right that time.”

Did you notice the music? It’s a Bangla song, written by Tagore a century ago- for the video they composed a new tune which gives the music a whole different beauty. :))


And then again, I’m Back-

Ended up with a unwanted upgrade to 1TB SATA HDD for my MacBook Pro-

Most likely some boot level clusters busted- so unwanted, twice, re-installation of dual OS just lead to dumping old 160GB HDD. To compensate the time wasted and the annoyance I got (whenever I try to count the clock- world tend to go upside down- that annoyance) I’m also dumping earphone I was using since my iPhone 3rd generation and unpacking brand new ear-pod, which came with iPhone 5 more than a year ago (I totally forgot about it)-

The time got really hot for a day, too- since I caught by cold and had a 24 hours of fever-burnt warmup (which usually rare thing to happen to me).

And then again, I’m back! Heh! Eh! Yay! :D