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It’s My Life

It’s never gonna be old. It’s my life- just like Bon Jovi told- it’s now or never- I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m alive- :)

You’re gonna hear my voice. When I shout it out loud- It’s my life.

There’s nothing beat the happiness of creating things. Back and forth- that’s I’ve been doing lately-and enjoying life the fullest.

Loving it!


Getting in touch with Nature

Jacob Laukaitis. He reached me via Twitter, and from this blog’s contact form. A couple months ago. Shared the video- asked me opinion on the journey.

I really liked this- the way he captured moments, and composed the whole journey- it’s inspiring. Once in a while, leaving everything to just get in touch with nature is indeed awesome!

I forgot to share though. Recently, he send me another video- where he explored Bali. This one I like most. :)



After 6 years- putting aside beloved MacBookPro.

To HP Pavilion Notebook PC. It has monstrous Core i7 (8 core) CPU- bought in 2011 “Black Friday” and used as the linux-dev-box for BloggersDotCom- other than that I’d neglected using it. Couldn’t move out off the comfort-zone of Apple hardware bonds.

Pretty sure it’ll take some time to get used to with the monstrous monitor, too. But no doubt I’m going to enjoy movies more- ;P