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A young fella

A young heart, with broken soul went to mountain, as if he could find peace moving away from people and everything. One week passed, he barely eat or drink. His soul poured with so much pain, he didn’t even notice when the sun rises, when the moon shines around the stars.

Eventually, he had to concentrate on arranging foods, made a shelter to bring a bit of comphort, so that he could cry upon his painful memories.

A months later, he thought, the memories doesn’t bring any value, other than giving him pain and suffering. He wanted to erase memories. And so he started thinking about finding a way, to erase every pain he has in his heart.

Three months later, he realized, he had given so much time remembering all his pain, they no longer giving him the suffering he used to have months ago. He spent another month thinking how that happened, why the memories doesn’t hurt him as much as it should.

One day, the young fella, who still have a broken heart, went back to his home. And started living like many others, as if, he could find peace among the people.


That’s all I know about that lad. I do not know what he realized, or, what happened to him afterwards. It’s up to you, if you’re curious enough, feel free to think and make your assumption, or, realization- whatever you name your finding.

Here, I am going to go sleep on it, tada!

Omaar Osmaan aka Oo.



Comparison should only come in play when something needs to weigh on for understanding differences or, to spot what scope is there that is different or similar.

Other than that, comparing different people, or things or whatever is a waste of energy and doesn’t bring much of a value. Every people is unique, every ‘thing’ is unique (for example, when two things are exactly the same- they still are two different entity occupying different space).

That being said, never compare a thing or people to judge and claim any entitlement. That would be like shooting in your own feet.