1. True, the atmosphere around the ocean does spur up many a thought! Good one moon!

  2. Phamiel

    How inspiring! I love haikus so much. I hope you don’t mind me writing along with you, Moon:

    “Sparkling reflections;
    a boat rocking to the sun.
    Love on the blue sea.” — Phamiel

    He he he he

    1. very nice phamiel…

    2. Omo

      Sure thing- please do often! It’s a nice one you did! ;)

    3. Hey wow! That was good :)

  3. true.. The ocean do bring a lot of ideas, there are moment that it even brings you back to some memories..

    1. Omo

      That’s correct- thank you Stephanie!

  4. Your expression on the beauty of the ocean is really sweet and nice! Yes, the ocean’s beauty is always captivating and by appreciating it, ideas just flow like the sounds of endless waves and a combination of blue, ocean and sky, is simply mesmerising!

    Your haiku’s captivating me now! :)

    1. Omo

      This Haiku inspired by your Seeing Is Believing ! I’m glad to put this note here (Included the link along with the image at bottom of the Haiku). ;)

      1. A huge thanks! I’m touched cos you get something inspirational in it. It makes me feel good and great! :)

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