Blue Monday!

A true Monday it is today- morning started with a blast, lots of acid water and free smoke including not your everyday smell (IPS battery busted which served exactly 24 months). Had many contacts in a day than I usually have over a month- and those are full of concerns, issues-

In spite of having a day like this- all is well that ends well. Looking ahead for the ending- which meantime, blinking like a far far away star- not much noticeable!

More it is like a day-mare that eats up your nights, you think of counting stars and appreciate life, instead of doing those you actually end up drinking more coffee- and wreck inspiration!

The good it holds that, every time I come close to something great, world came nearer to misdirect- and so so- :D

I’m in a thrust mode. Yay!

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  1. Thank goodness it isn’t blue after all when all start well and end well. I thought I was going to have a blue Monday but luckily it turns out to be a great one!

    Omo, a star will always be a star even if it’s less noticeable.

    Nice post! Wishing you a great day!

    1. Omo

      Glad you had a great Monday- :))

      They are, and they always will be even when no sign of ’em visible. Just when they come into earth and you get to see tons of ’em closing eyes- are a thing to worry about. Hehehe!

      Thanks BB- I needed your wish. :))

  2. Omo, guess what??? Today is a “blue” Thursday for me! I updated my blog and was later very busy getting rid of thrashes but didn’t realize I was clicking on published comments! I lost so many precious comments in some posts and will never recover ’em again. Sad, sad, sad. :(

    My head doesn’t work well today Too exhausted with too much work. :(((

    Please, bear with me.

    1. Omo

      Oops! It’s Okee- I’ll comment again! :D

      Don’t get upset too much- mindful days wreck everything- I told ya! :)))

  3. Thank god you’re safe! You could sue the company, can’t you?

    1. Omo

      IPS has been installed in a safe place- no harm done though was a bit “new” experience! Warranty for the battery was 12 months, while it lasted double the time- Nah, guess can’t sue the company. :))

      Thanks Kitty- nice to see you! :))

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