Poem: Belongs

Poem: Belongs


I found a butterfly, so beautiful
full of colors of no known name
inside the book of my soul

I found a pigeon, or two
mingle the peace and the hope
sings a song I never knew

I found a wind, so powerful
my heart flys and toss and flows
the wave and tide in my eyes

I found my other soul,
belongs to you and only you
my heart is just holding the love.

© Moonomo, 2011Image


  1. What beautiful way to express love, Omo!

    A butterfly, to flap slowly its wings on the beloved
    A dove to bring peace to the chained souls
    A wind that brings passion
    The beloved that complete the image.

    Greatly done!!

    This is a soft but strong poem that convey so many good feeling to the recipient!

    Way to go, dude!!

    1. Omo

      Up to the brows, it’s nice to hold some peace- isn’t it? :))

      Thanks Tony!

  2. Oh WOW! Omo, I come here and get a feeling of serenity reading this very beautiful poem of yours! How expressive you are and how lucky both of you! Thinking of the butterfly, the pigeon, the wind and the heart are all related to love. You express it so powerfully by saying you found your other soul belongs to a “somebody”. Very beautifully written. Loved it! Loved it! :)

    1. Omo

      Greatly right, BB! Butterfly, pigeon and wind, all referred to the heart to express the love within-

      Indeed so lucky to havin’- who havin’ ’em- :))

      Thank you, BB!

  3. Wow ! Beautiful love poem moon !
    so you found ‘butterfly’ – your other soul ! :))

    1. Omo

      Thank you, Kitty! Other soul being playing with words and dumping technology- you’re right, I found it!

      That, loves for the friends, if that count- I found it, too! :))

  4. is it a love poem? cause I really find it cute as a piece for love.. :)

    1. Omo

      May be, just may be, it’s not really a love poem! Expression of someone who’s been experiencing how love changes his/her impression of the very world- may be that can be counted as a love poem though! :))

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