1. I cannot think of me like that!

    I was informed I came to this world in a frenzy so there was no babyhood to speak of. Elf is quite positive about this. So I am already longing for my lost youth! :)

    Incredible video, man! I am still amazed about the quality of the work!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Omo

      May be you don’t have the grown-up version? I’ve that problem! :)

      Elf is enough to cover that gap, I guess!

      Hang on with me, then- :))

  2. So cute! The video reminds me of “Baby Geniuses”.

    Living younger for a long time is fun but it would give so much pain for moms to buy diapers!

    You see how they lure you into buying the product. I guess, it might just be great getting a dip in the Fountain of Youth for a lasting effect rather than just a gulp of evian.

    A very interesting and entertaining commercial. Loved those cute little ones!

    Just wanna know, are you the distributor of evian? :P

    1. Omo

      Thinking of a Cute world, everyone wearing diapers! Hahaha!
      May be, moms would join, and we emerge to a diaper-free world, eh?

      Ya, we need to dip in Fountain of Youth without buying anything-

      No dear, I’m just amused by the ad, and first time learn about Evian. The team truly did a great job. Wish, me could be part of such amazing creation. May be in the future, again! :))

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