Tale: Artificial Intelligence

Tale: Artificial Intelligence

(Artificial Intelligence)

Once in a while every single person feel hundred percent positive. Once you struck by the positive influence- your chest lose weight- you taste fresh air all around. And the person in you feel all the love this worlds can hold for all possible things.

Once in a while every individual feels otherwise, hundred percent negative. Once you struck by the negative influence- your chest carrying something large on it- you taste the salt. And the person in you see every fault in all possible things.

No matter what side of the coin you’re sitting on at some point- you know- Life isn’t fair every awhile. Life is great to live. It’s relative to- You. All that matters to you is- You.

Always it’s about you. Your vision and mission and the success and the failure- about anything that only matters to you. Who you are? A human? A selfish?

Just another living entity?

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  1. Rightly right, Omo!!

    Everything is related to those little windows we have and call them “senses”, the way we look, the way we hear, the way we taste, the way we “feel”, the way we smell life is the way we “interpret” it. Positive or negative. Always we are the reference, the center where everything spins around… but who, or what are we?? What does «selfish» means with not a self? Great thought, man! You get my thoughts spinning! Even Elf is dizzy!! :)

    1. Omo

      Long live dizziness- keep it spinning- and whirling! ;))

      Thank you, tony.

  2. Really fantastic ideas! I just can’t say more. Od had said much. May be I could borrow some of his words!

    Omo, I’m digesting everything you wrote here which fills up every space of my mind. Thank you so much, dear friend. :)

    1. Omo

      Your presence is enough, BB- you see, you’re saying that you struck by dizziness, too! :D

      You’re so welcome- you know!

  3. Insightful indeed !
    Nice to see your philosophical inclination and command on such deep thoughts. I’m always amused by your insights ! :)

    Real food for thought. Keep ’em coming :)

    1. Omo

      It’s curiosity that brings tilting thoughts! Glad you enjoying- :)

      Thank you, Kitty- I’ll try for sure!

  4. I love this, it makes me appreciate life even more.

    Just sharing, I’m too positive right now and this is because of too much negative things that happen last year that made me appreciate every little thing that I have right now. Lesson? it’s not the positivity/negativity that counts, it’s how you deal on it that matters!

    nice share omo! :)

    1. Omo

      Yes, Aj! What you said is the life line- it’s how you deal on it that matters!

      You know- between positivity and negativity we need to keep moving forward, that’s life!

      Thank you- I’m happy to sharing with you.

  5. This article is awesome, yeah once you feel negativity nothing will happen to you, it feels like there is a heavy rock on your chest, we can think positive even if we are experiencing negative, its our choice! good job

    Zero Dramas

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