Afresh Journey to the Next Millions

It’s been 9 years this month, since I’ve had started Moonrank USA LLC.

After around 4 months working as the one man army, I’ve took in the first employee. In its total lifetime there were around 40 employees who worked with me. For the period of time, at most I had total 14 employees who worked with me for the company.

During the projects I’ve done for companies around the world I had the chance to work with many other developers of the client companies including both big corporate like TheFind Inc and other startups of USA.

Other than a few, I’ve spent tremendous amount of time, energy and taught the things I knew one by one with great care and passion to my team.

There were complete newbie who had zero knowledge about Internet and Web in general- made them great web designers and UX Specialist. I’ve took in fresh people that had little knowledge about computer and made them Social Media Specialist.

I’m glad to learnt so many things in its rise and fall, by working with so many different sets of skilled developers, designers.

I’ve had the chance to make web in 7 total human languages, for more than 50 big to small startups from around 13 countries around the world, for New Media Portals and Social Platforms.

I’ve had the opportunity to build from scratch the best social platform for Bloggers- hand crafted growth from zero traffic to over 5 millions unique visitors/month within just 1 and half years.

During the journey my works had been reached over 100 millions unique people from every single country of the world.

Every good things come to an end and another great story began. I had to shutdown Moonrank USA LLC in the end of the 2013. A little few of the team member stayed and worked with me for my journey to the WordPress world.

Today, I’ve sets my journey as the one man army, one more time.

I’m excited about the opportunity to fully concentrate on making things that excites me most, and most likely make things that will improves life for the millions of people around the globe.


  1. How interesting it is – the journey you have gone through. Though there are bumps along the way, the end story is success. You have persevered it and still alive and kicking! Congrats Omo! You have gone this far. Keep moving forward. I’m looking forward to hearing more success story of yours.

    All the best, Omo! :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Thank you, BB- really appreciate your words! :)

      I love to think of my life consisted into different chapters- each one evolved to something new. The phase I’ve just passed on were “Doing things for Learning”. I’m now stepping into the real fun- “Making the Change”.

      It’s time to put in work which would stays around for the longest and keep changing lives for possibly next millions (or the billions, who knows!). :)))

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