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There is a saying in Bangla: you can judge a dish of rice by examine one piece of it. For people it’s not proper way to judge (most of the time). Then there is another saying, you can understand about the boss by meeting with one of their employee. Is the employee a bad person? The boss most likely would be worse. When the boss is a great person, you will see a reflation in the employees.

For a community, the same sense applies. Does one moderator/advocate turns out rough or nice? The admins are to point- they are the people who keeps it that way.

Now, bully is everywhere. When a Facebook group gain popularity- there is business- some are visible to everybody (moral/financial)- some are invisible benefits (money/power) for the people who runs it, controls it and maintains it. About integrity? That’s the thing to bend when it comes to business for some people- for people who are hypocrite.

I’ve spent years on WordPress- spotted some moderator/crew who loss their temper sometime when someone have different opinion. When I saw a WordCamp organizer talks about that problem, I replied saying I’ve seen it happening. Immediately, that organizer followed me on twitter- messaged me privately asking how he can help. Publicly referred to one of the Lead Developer of WordPress to reach out. In a matter of minute that lead developer respond positively that they are interested to know about it more.

I’d talked with them both, shared the concern and pointed to some discussion that happened between some Automattic employee and other contributor (I was just a witness of the conversations). That lead developer gave words about taking action, the organizer published a large blog post regarding the issue in general and talked about possible resolution to prevent such issues in future. Fast forward, I’ve been seeing that employee now-a-days takes more care of themselves in conversations- and spending their energy in a more respectful manner and the overall contributions became more healthier. That organizer talked about it personally with more WordPress leaders in WordCamp US, 2015.

One incident happens earlier in the Envato Bangladesh (Facebook Group), I’d tagged two admins- till now not a single admin replied nor they took any action about it. I’d sent email to one of the admin I knew for a decade now- sharing how one person spreading bad bloods in that community- 2 days later, there is not a reply either.

In the meantime, the thread that I’ve created to follow up about the issue on the group been deleted, as you can guess- by an admin.

This is the difference between a Facebook group lead by some Bangladeshi people, who publicly claim leading the generation to right direction while curate bad behavior- and WordPress core community who actively keeps their admins in sanity to maintain a healthy environment for every people involve regardless of their ranks or position. That’s why I spend my time for WordPress, and love the core community.

For the record, I’d gave some advice regarding approval process on Envato Marketplace- which was in response to spreading rage by one person who just recently made ‘known’ and ‘famous’ by those admins. The reason I’ve followed the issue was to understand why that ‘famous’ and ‘ingenious talented’ person doing it and to understand about his source of power to be rude- in other words, to test the integrity of admins-

Turns out, it’s a business (financial/money matter) for that guy to keep showcasing his knowledge about Envato approval process, and to demonstrate how power-full he is in the group. And the admins are very generous to keep him empowering doing it. End of story- ;)

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  1. That’s a very interesting saying. :)

    Sorry to know what had happened. No matter what, you’ll be strong as ever for life has to go on.

    Keep your head up!

    Cheers! :)

    1. Omaar Osmaan

      Thank you, BB- :)

      You see, I didn’t lose my temper for a sec- I’ve been stumbling with people from various communities since the early 2000s. I’ve seen worse, and met evil people who is nice on the outside, too. At the end, integrity is what defines us.

      That’s the source of strength to keep me in check. :))


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