Hello, there-

I’m Omaar Osmaan aka. Moonomo. Living truthfully to captivate lively. Product Guy. Full-stack Developer. UX Explorer. Haiku, Limerick and Poem writer.

I’m passionate serial entrepreneur, and founded/taken care of following ventures:

Mastermind, July, 2015 – present
WordPress Theme Shop. We build the experience that matters most.

Founder, February, 2014 – October, 2015
Experimented with WordPress Themes and Plugins development.

Moonrank USA LLC
Founder, CTO, January, 2007 – December, 2013
Social Media Developer Company, provided services to startups from around the globe.

Among most notable projects includes:
Kirtsy.com (2008 – 2010) : Digg for Women.
BloggersDotCom (2008 – 2013) : The former best social network for Bloggers. It reached millions of visitors a month in 2012, and crossed ~5 millions unique visitors per month before shut down due to lack of fund.
TheFind Coupons (2009 – 2011) : Coupons directory for alternative search engine for every online stores and products. TheFind Inc has been acquired by Facebook in 2015.

Founder, Developer, 2002 – 2006
Maker of Bangla Consumer Software including Dictionaries, Spell-Checker and Bangla Email System. Contributed to establish Avro Keyboard (Bangla Input Manager), and popularize Bangla Computing among the countrymen.

Thank you, for the stumbling, and reading this note. Best wishes- :))


Omaar Osmaan,
The curious human being.