Hello, there-

I’m Omaar Osmaan aka. Moonomo. Living truthfully to captivate lively. Product Guy. Full-stack Developer. UX Explorer. Haiku, Limerick and Poem writer.

I’m passionate serial entrepreneur, and founded/taken care of following ventures:

Mastermind, July, 2015 – present
FREE, Intuitive, Smart WordPress Themes & Plugins. We Build Experience That Matters Most.

Founder, February, 2014 – October, 2015
Experimented with WordPress Themes and Plugins development.

Moonrank USA LLC
Founder, CTO, January, 2007 – December, 2013
Social Media Developer Company. Provided services to startups from around the globe.

I had designed and developed more than 50 new media portals and social platforms in total 7 human languages for small company to large corporations, including leading a small team of designers, developers and marketers for various outsourcing projects.

A few notable projects:

BloggersDotCom (2008 – 2013) : The former best social network for bloggers. It reached millions of visitors a month in early 2012, and crossed more than 5 millions of visitors per month before shut down in mid 2013 due to lack of fund and partnership issues.

I had designed, developed the platform, and led a small team to work on growth.

Initially the platform was made using Pligg CMS. In 2010, I had built a custom platform with PHP to scale the system and introduce new features. I had rebuilt the system again in 2012 with Kohana Framework for faster maintenance and further development. The platform allowed bloggers to submit their blog, after approval process the system automatically would publish snippet of new blog-posts on the platform by crawling and fetching RSS/ATOM for others to discover easily. Before shutting down the crawling rate was 60 thousands RSS/ATOM sources per hour.

Among other features, I had developed a CDN system to handle more than 20 millions of images, including a custom made Nginx script to dynamically resizing images which allowed to reduce the cost greatly by reducing the usage of server storage volumes.

TheFind Coupons (2009 – 2011) : TheFind.com was a discovery shopping search engine targeting lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, home and garden, fitness, kids and family, and health and beauty, founded in 2006. By May 2010 they accounted to be the 2nd largest shopping search engine. TheFind Inc has been acquired by Facebook in 2015.

I had worked with TheFind core team to design, and develop the coupons directory. It was integrated into their core search engine to display coupons/deals along side the products results.

Founder, Developer, 2002 – 2006
Maker of Bangla Consumer Software including Dictionaries, Spell-Checker and Bangla Email System.

Contributed to establish Avro Keyboard (Bangla Input Manager), and popularize Bangla Computing among the countrymen.

Thank you, for the stumbling, and reading this note. Best wishes- :))


Omaar Osmaan,
The curious human being.

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