Poem: Rainy Day – A Draft for Myself

Poem: A Rainy Day - A draft for myself

(Rainy Day – A Draft for Myself)

I’m waiting for a rainy day.

A day, colorful clouds meet the Sky
Thunder speaks their hearts out
Lonely birds leaves the nest to feel
The world upon their soulmate

Rain drops and attend the soil
All those Trees bend for the winds.

A rainy day, I have been waiting for

Whole day I’ll be listening to the Opera
Morning coffee would taste heaven
Peace over the window would win the novel price

And, I would take some moments for me

At my best, a rainy day for myself.

© Moonomo, 2013Image


  1. i love rainy days too.. if and only if.. work is suspended.. other than that… i prefer cloudy days :)

    another nice piece

    1. Omo

      Thank you Aj- :))

      Rain that wont let you go to work- and rain that let you enjoy the time- other than that those days with water fall isn’t anything- ;))

  2. Beautiful, Omo! I was visualizing your words.. I love the smell of first rain drops on muddy earth, earthy smell.. and yes, we can take some moment for ourselves! :)
    I, too, am waiting for a rainy day ! :))

    1. Omo

      Very nice, do you see how those drops are eager to meet the soil- and that of earthy smell are just the thing! :))

      Personally I would love to have a rainy day which is almost like the-end-of-the-world-type! So many days been moving fast without having enough time to take a long breath and fun around- :))

      Kitty, Rain over the river or ocean I love- I can watch the wave for entire life- :))

  3. The lines in this poem are so heart-felt. Awesomely written poem; each line speaks of beauty, hope and desire which turn everything heavenly. So beautiful is nature that we can’t help but admire it. It does give much inspirations to us, too.

    Loved the words which you weave so beautifully in this poem. You’ve been hiding your left foot for so long! I’m so glad you’re here again presenting us with your unparalleled creativity. Always nice to read you, Omo. :))

    Your choice of pic is perfect. :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you SO much BusyBee- Yes, nature beauty inspire us to keep the life UP! You know how much I appreciate your presence and kind words- :))

      Yap, left or right both hopefully will be around instead of long run to the unknown! I truly enjoy having fun with you- :))

      Glad to find this great pic- :)

  4. I am flabbergasted, dude!!

    The Romantic in you, the soul feelings so well written, is a wonderful finding!

    Congrats for this marvelous display of nostalgic dreams brought by a lonely coffee-cup and a drop filled window pane!

    Time gives luster to your art!

    1. Omo

      Don’t be! You got a friend in me- :))

      I’m great about your words, you know!!

  5. Having a cup of hot tea listening to nature’s pitter patter melody is great joy! I ♥ rain too!!

    Lovely poem!

    1. Omo

      Thanks Valli! Tea or Coffee and rain are that antisense to bring forth Good Times- :))

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