5 Things A Blogger should do for their Readers

Reply Back

Someone appreciate your post and leave a reply on your blog or social site that you’re connected with. Try to reply back your reader. Even a simple thank you would work better. Most blogger doesn’t care who says what- that’s the big mistake ruin their potential readers to come back next time.

Find Out Whether Your Reader Also A Blogger

Do you dig down whether your reader maintain blog or not? Unless you grow your relation with your reader cum blogger you missing a big aspect of blogging. Keep a good relation with other blogger as much as you can, specially who reads you.

Interact With Your Reader

You posting your article on recipe/technology or relationship even your personal musing on various topics. Do you let your reader join with you? Ask them question so they could answer with comments. It could be puzzle, IQ or thoughts on matter that related to what you blog. If you can’t giveaway some prizes/gadgets may be you could at least share their blog/web site link on your sidebar (blogroll).

Keep Your Blog Readable

Fancy color or theme may gives nice impression but if your blog isn’t that readable how could your reader feel comfortable to read your post? Take care of appearance so it wont hurt eyes. Shorthanded writing wont help them to understand what you’ve said either. Frequent typo or grammar mistake wont be good experience at all.

Hunt Your Reader

You love to get more readers? So your readers loves too- give them visit as much as you can. They will be happy to know you. Join social network and find people, the more you active the more your readership will grow. More readers will make them happy as they find more thoughts from other reader on your blog. Based on your time- split it for your blog and to find people, talk/communicate with them. More you engage more they will feel happy to read you often.

Happy blogging. Best wishes for you.


  1. All very good points. Once I figured these things out I begin to see more people take interest.

  2. These are very useful tips for bloggers. Some fail to see the importance of all the points stated here. I always make a point to visit blogs of those who visit me. Though no one’s asking for a favor, it’s worthwhile to return it. In psychology, we human like to be seen and appreciated. Courtesy is important, too.

    Thank you for sharing. Though I’m late coming to this post, it’s better late than never! :)

    1. Omo

      Thank you B! Those days I find it surprisingly funny- most bloggers not really in to the core of it- Sharing experiences as united but being isolated! :)

      Happy to see you digging down! :)

      1. The sad thing is, some fail to open up!

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