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Oct 9th, 2010

Haiku – Round 4


No light of the moon.
Heart beats cracking the dark night.
A hollow behind.


You… not saying words.
Stars… not in the position.
Should I wait forever?

© Moonomo, 2010

14 Responses to Haiku – Round 4

  1. I’m enjoying this. So beautifully written. I’m trying to understand the meanings behind it.

    Keep on writing your Haiku. I’ll be coming back for more. :)

  2. jyotsna

    no light of the moon..hollow… suitable background ! dark ! hollow!
    it goes well with your words! nice! :)
    why didn’t you try background for your other haiku’ ?

  3. Moonomo

    @jyotsna I’ll try to brush them too, didn’t think before though! Nice to know it looks fit!

    @Balqis Thank you! I just learned few days back what is haiku- still wondering. :)

  4. Odliam


    “Waiting” awoke in me the horoscope feeling! :)

  5. I just found your blog on bloggers and I think it’s great! This haiku is beautifully written. It’s amazing how so much feeling/emotion can come from such a short phrase. Great job… I’ll be checking in for more!

  6. kitty

    “Waiting”…hmmm very nice ! made me to read between wai/ting ;)

  7. I love waiting. I see you are really getting the hang of it.

  8. I’m inspired to figure out where you are going with this. Thank you for making me smile.

    Mr. MakingUsmile

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