Hello, there-

I’m Omaar Osmaan aka. Moonomo. Living truthfully to captivate lively. Full-stack Developer. UX Explorer. Haiku, Limerick and Poem writer.

I’m passionate serial entrepreneur, and founded following companies:

Founder & Mastermind, 2015 – present
WordPress Theme Shop. We build the experience that matters most.

Founder, 2014 – present
We make WordPress theme- it’s a little more than fabulous- it’s Splendous!

Moonrank USA LLC
Founder, CTO, 2007 – 2013
Social Media Developer Company, provided services to startups from around the globe.

Among most notable projects includes:
Kirtsy.com (2008 – 2010) : Digg for Women.
BloggersDotCom (2008 – 2013) : The best social network for Bloggers.
TheFind Coupons (2009 – 2011) : Coupons directory for alternative search engine for every online stores and products. TheFind Inc has been acquired by Facebook.

Founder, Developer, 2002 – 2006
Maker of Bangla Consumer Software. Contributed to popularize Bangla Computing among the country men

Thank you, for the stumbling, and reading this note. Best wishes- :))


The curious human being.