Not fame, not money and not women

My interest in Computer technology grew back in 1999, just when I finish high school and then I got my first personal computer. Started to stumble into learning myself the ins and out of the technology, my initial goal was to get my hands on Design/Media management. At that time I was so involved with writing community and magazines related stuffs.

Soon I hit on HTML and some basic programming introduction. I just love it. So much so that I start to learn programming all by myself. The language was Visual Basic. Microsoft back in late century provided a really great compiler for the Visual Basic and awesome IDE (integrated development environment).

It’s now kinda funny to think those days I learn coding by writing code word by word, and see what compilers response!

My best friend was the Manual for the Visual Basic 5. Soon I got to know about MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) and their extensive programming samples and documentation. Next few years my ‘geek habit’ becomes to write codes and see what each word/syntax do and beyond. I was able to get my hands on some coolest cool programming skills including a handsome idea about system level Windows programming.

In Mid 2002, I just suddenly decided to get my career on the industry and I started one-man company called Bangaliana- aim was to develop Bangla Software and distribute them on Compact Disc (CD)- the attempt was pretty much crazy. No one in my family/friends or distant relatives had any interest in Computer at all, they mostly are business people.

In late 2006 I had to look for alternatives since the market on Bangladesh for consumer software was so poor it was not sustainable by any means. The software that I developed back in 2002-2006 still wins over quality and usability compare to the software available today!

From 2003 I was kind of drifted by Avro Keyboard and refrain myself from releasing commercial Bangla Input methods (including Bangla Spell-checkers), instead I joined the force and help making and establishing it as much as I could. In 2007 I had some personal conflict with the team and stayed away from the Bangla Community until recently, I would share about more of this in a future post.

At end of the 2006 I founded Moonrank USA LLC- in a partnership with one person who lives in PA, USA, the aim was to develop custom Websites.

Fast forward to 2015- I’ve had develop some coolest cool websites, in total 7 human languages and for clients from more than 12 countries around the world. My work had been touched and used by more than 100 millions people.

All the time my goal was to make things as the way I love it and brainstorm to innovate things, all those years I was fortunate enough to do just the thing. All the sites I develop for the clients, the process was something like: Client contacted us and shares his interests to make website on certain topic, s/he then gives a budget range- including some stuffs s/he wants and some things s/he likes. My job was then build what I think could be a nice composition for him/her and targeted audience, design the UI, code the things and make it working.

This was the process for more than 50 websites I built- each one was different from others, each one had something unique that I made for the targeted audience or subject. For this reason, I always picked the projects that I could work that way and that also made me super happy. Well, payment was good, but I always went extra miles and did so many things that didn’t covered by the money. My partner handled the bargaining before a project started, had push me time to time just to see how things going on (creative work, a lot of time doesn’t meet deadline!). I hired couple of people to help me making stuffs- later I took few newbie and train them making Web Designs. In 2010 I hired some more people to train and for doing ‘Social Networking’- the coin ‘Social Media Executive’ wasn’t much familiar back then even in USA.

Now as I’ve took a journey into memory lane, since my partner cheated and took away a very large amount of money I had earn those days, I also noticed that I was so much into making things- that I didn’t even bother to glue my name on each projects! I never shared publicly about my attachment into projects that I’ve done and those clients only knew my (nick) name but I never had any personal conversation with them other than giving projects status and greetings.

I suffered certain frustration for a while about the lose (I respected my partner as a family member and his family benefited from me in so many ways), and about how “dump/stupid” I had have been in this regard. Anyway.

I wrote earlier The notion of “Workaholic”, I talked about “Finding the reason” why you would do a job- here is the motto subconsciously I followed all those years: Not fame, not money and not women – I work for creating things that I love.

Well, the women part came here just to conclude that I’m not doing things to impress people (whether or not, women :)

From now on- this is actually my challenge to my work I’ll keep in mind consciously- hopefully as I’ve done things right, coming days I could take it further. Not to mention I’m not against fame, and money is a necessary important stuff too- but none of these factor should impact decision of doing the things right and in a meaningful way.

Thanks so much for reading!


ps. Hopefully soon I can share some great stuff that I’ve been working on. And from bygone times, I hope to share more about the projects I’ve done those days- :))

TheFind Joining Facebook


Just come to know Facebook acquired TheFind- it’s the alternative search engine for Online Products –

Back in 2008-2010 I’ve worked with their core team and built TheFind Coupons ( in a few iteration – which was later thoroughly integrated into their search engines alongside products results.

It’s great feeling that they’re now joining Facebook- Congrats to the team!

UPDATE (Mar 26, 2015): Links to Techcrunch cover story Facebook Buys And Shuts Down Shopping Site TheFind To Boost Commerce In Ads

Why reading is superior than other habits?

Reading a great book will scratch your mind for your lifetime- watching a great TV Show will amuse you for some years.

Enough said.


ps. While I’m currently cinephile and once upon a time I was bookworm, I think that a great movie and a great book may have similar impact on you, a great TV Show doesn’t much equal to them, may be only greatest TV show could be but those are very very rare.

pps. Another thing is there are many many thousands great books, few thousands great movies and only few hundreds great TV Show (more or less but may be you can get the point).

ppps. Answered on Quora

Appreciate- what does it means


Appreciation is a great way to generate undying energy, an healthy energy by all means. You should acknowledge and share your gratitude towards People or things.

When not done, something good just ended up alone. While its done, the energy spread around the universe, for a eternity, to whisper the inspiration.

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Hayao Miyazaki – The Magician

Hayao Miyazaki is a magician. He must not a human.

I remember watching Princess Mononoke and The Secret World of Arrietty was a dream. But watching The Wind Rises- I just realize there is another earth- that much creativity and details is like his clinch knot- hook you up, take your breath away and then hail you up to ninth cloud- lets you walk, run, sense the intense and then poof- you find and realize you do have souls rests somewhere unknown.

When I came back to this world- I’m experiencing what is like pavane- walking slowly and discovering each of his masterpieces.

I have been Spirited Away, stuck in Howl’s Moving Castle- met Ponyo and have have to write this note. I’m glad to know this magician, I am, truly I am.