One Day In Spring and Waiting – Rabindranath Tagore


One Day In Spring…

One day in spring, a woman came
In my lonely woods,
In the lovely form of the Beloved.
Came, to give to my songs, melodies,
To give to my dreams, sweetness.

Suddenly a wild wave
Broke over my heart’s shores
And drowned all language.
To my lips no name came,
She stood beneath the tree, turned,
Glanced at my face, made sad with pain,
And with quick steps, came and sat by me.
Taking my hands in hers, she said:
‘You do not know me, nor I you—
I wonder how this could be?’
I said:
‘We two shall build, a bridge for ever
Between two beings, each to the other unknown,
This eager wonder is at the heart of things.’

The cry that is in my heart is also the cry of her heart;
The thread with which she binds me binds her too.
Her have I sought everywhere,
Her have I worshipped within me,
Hidden in that worship she has sought me too.
Crossing the wide oceans, she came to steal my heart.
She forgot to return, having lost her own.
Her own charms play traitor to her,
She spreads her net, knowing not
Whether she will catch or be caught.



The song I came to sing
remains unsung to this day.
I have spent my days in stringing
and in unstringing my instrument.

The time has not come true,
the words have not been rightly set;
only there is the agony
of wishing in my heart…..

I have not seen his face,
nor have I listened to his voice;
only I have heard his gentle footsteps
from the road before my house…..

But the lamp has not been lit
and I cannot ask him into my house;
I live in the hope of meeting with him;
but this meeting is not yet.


by Rabindranath Tagore, taken from Gitanjali, Image.

Translation done by Tagore himself. Found a good collection of Tagore’s poems on All Poetry.

Doing what is right and the usual mistakes


I come to know about Mike Monteiro only a month ago or two, saw an article he wrote, followed him on Twitter and then had to see his “F*ck you, pay me“.

He talked about 13 mistakes in this keynote, and that apply to any ‘professional’- I’ve had certain share of those, including the wisdom he shared. He just boosted the spirit a lot high, since I’ve been doing things in a way he suggests-

Huh- when you have time, take your peek.

Usually I’m not up for watching keynotes now and then (that happen occasionally), though I’m already hooked about how he tells about doing things and the wisdom he passes to the audience!

How he talk is just so hilarious- :))

WordPress Origin Story

2003: Stumbled into the first version of WordPress. Other than taking a few peek, interest defused and moved to other thing (diverted to desktop app programming).

2006: Started personal blog with WordPress (self hosted).

2007: Initiated Bangla Translation Project for WordPress (called Meghdut). Curated and acted as the lead translator. made available in Bangla (Bengali) Language.

2010: Retired old blog. Started another blog, and soon started writing ‘Haiku’.

2014: Founded, a little more than fabulous WordPress Theme Company.


^^ Updated on my WordPress Profile, couldn’t resist to post a copy here!

Where the Hell is Matt?

It’s absolute fun!

Most likely you knew about Matt? Remember the funny dance he was doing around the globe with so many people?

“…In 2008 Matt put out another video that showed thousands of people laughing, smiling, and goofing around together. It took him five years and three tries, but he finally got it right that time.”

Did you notice the music? It’s a Bangla song, written by Tagore a century ago- for the video they composed a new tune which gives the music a whole different beauty. :))

Open Source and People around it-

To my experience, there are three distinguish type of people who evolve around Open Source for following:

  1. Carry the true meaning of it, to make, share and to do whatever they want (freedom and usefulness).
  2. It’s their way to reaching more people, gaining fame and to brag- even if they pretend to be humble and generous.
  3. It’s their ultimate business model- they try to show the beauty of it, but intent to take advantage of that only for money.

More or less, it’s great to up for fame, money along with that pure happiness of creating and sharing.

I’m ‘fortunate’ enough to engaged with so called ‘people’, the more they expressed their ‘love’ for open source the more turns out they were after the fame and/or money- nothing else matter to them. At time they always stubbed other ‘partner’ or ‘contributor’ for their ‘benefit’.

Whoever claim they are doing ‘open source’ only because of the beauty of it- that’s the culprit. Mark ’em and careful-