Are the rich free from money, or slaves to it?

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May be you already know the story- Once there was a happy farmer- he used to do day long hard work, only had bare necessities- and was really really happy along with his dream-full sleep at night.

One day one of his neighbor came and gave him some gold to take care on his behalf until he return from a business trip. In a few days farmer start to lose his peaceful life thinking of the security of the gold- soon he were not able to sleep at night, too and his lifestyle just ruined because of that gold.

If you earn a good sum of money, at some point you may encompassed into a situation when you will need to earn more money (or power, money is power) to protect your wealth-

When you’re rich, you get used to certain lifestyle that in case of you ever lose wealth will put you in very tough/rough situation mostly because it would be so hard for you to adjust with with lesser quality stuffs for daily needs. Again, the rich’s lifestyle demands constant supply of money to keep it up to the standard they used to.

In a way money enslaves a person, specially when you’re rich- but in a sense every person, rich or poor, is a ‘slave’ to money due to how our society works and operates.

There is one big difference between a poor and rich person is, the knowledge of handling money and related stuffs- the more rich a person is may be knows better about it-

And with that knowledge a lot of rich person also become aware of ‘the slavery’ and able to actually get over it- may be a lot of cases, they able to keep them into the nearer to ‘free from money’, much better than a lot of other people.

While the world runs on money, ‘free from money’ is a practice where a person who act based upon purpose or ethics, and money is a secondary or is not a factor at all-

I would say, it’s really really depends on person to person, culture to culture and it isn’t that if you’re a ‘rich person’ that would makes you a slave of the money or would make you free from it- that comes with knowledge and practice only.

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Blue Monday!


Blue Monday!

A true Monday it is today- morning started with a blast, lots of acid water and free smoke including not your everyday smell (IPS battery busted which served exactly 24 months). Had many contacts in a day than I usually have over a month- and those are full of concerns, issues-

In spite of having a day like this- all is well that ends well. Looking ahead for the ending- which meantime, blinking like a far far away star- not much noticeable!

More it is like a day-mare that eats up your nights, you think of counting stars and appreciate life, instead of doing those you actually end up drinking more coffee- and wreck inspiration!

The good it holds that, every time I come close to something great, world came nearer to misdirect- and so so- :D

I’m in a thrust mode. Yay!

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Selfie Fun
Tried every single option/filter on Instagram- it’s fun! And, Oh- I guess I’m being too serious lately! Hence this Madness- before I came into sense- :)) :P

Who Am I # Part-2


Couple of failure that I had able to learn from, and few thoughts that gives me peace of mind:

  • My opinions, vision towards things and practices- most of the time lead people to stay away. :)
  • I have had failed (more or less) in almost every aspect of life in a sense- including love, friends, family, self-awareness, self-esteem and work (partnership).
  • I’ve been into the field of Programming, designing and building digital property for a long time, yet I don’t have any ‘Open Source’ projects (as of now) nor have anything stands (except few, but I wont take credit) that might justify my skills or my extreme-passion of what I love to do.
  • I’ve had co-founded Moonrank USA LLC, a company which built new-media web portals in total 7 human languages, for founders/clients from around 12 countries (also a Restaurant POS system called FloreantPOS). At some point, those portals accessed by around 20 millions of people around the globe, per month. Eventually, that lead to a new project called “BloggersDotCom”. Under my leadership (planning to coding to designing to marketing) with a small team I’ve had able to make BloggersDotCom the best social media portal for Bloggers, which during its four year lifetime have had accessed by/spread to near 100 millions of people. In the end, BloggersDotCom shut-down just when it supposed to lead mainstream Bloggers (a new site is there, I’m no longer affiliated with the founder or the site). The worse, my partner with whom I co-founded Moonrank USA LLC had successfully toke away a big amount of my hard earned money.
Peace of mind
  • I’ve had able to gain a rare habit of evolving over the period of time, that is, making things that works and progress intentionally (fulfillment of a purpose and improve).
  • My work had used by, appreciated by more than 100 millions of people (as of now).
  • I’ve had helped many people, either planning strategy for them or introducing things to them, that brings a big change to their lives in a greater way (I have never taken credit for, nor think I should- though the change would not have happened unless I was involved at some point).
  • I love to venture into things, and try to make new things, what works, for me and for millions of people.


Disclaimer: I’m not much into expressing personal matters in a way like this, still, these are here, just for the record.


Who Am I # Part-1


Till date my life consists of following sequences:

Early childhood: Listen to lots of stories, rhymes and songs, late evening and night stories.

Childhood: Reading Comics, tons of. Playing hundreds of indoor/outdoor games.

Teenage: Reading lots of Books- mostly novels, fictions, histories, and every kind of, written by world known and little known writers (of various time, place and languages). Reading even more than lots of Mags, mixed culture, scientific, adventures, literature and more. Learning the process of writing stories, rhymes (Bangla Language).

20s: Engaging people around the globe (online), reading Online texts/articles, Wikis, regarding random topics, histories, mixed culture and more. Learning design and programming. Creating software, websites. Clasp into difficulties of Life.

30s: Meeting people (online), Following trends, Understanding various belief, behavior and intentions. Watching movies (similar to reading). Practicing the copy-writing, writing Haiku, Poems (English Language). Creating digital products and concentrate on Human Life.

And, as usual life events- similar to next door human- experiences of fun, love, failure, wisdom, ups-and-down just like a surviving entity.

Over the period of time, even though I’ve born and raised in Bangladesh- I learn to think the world as a whole, as if Planet Earth is the only Country. I was born in a Muslim family, and I tend to believe religion, culture, ethnic and political borders are just the differences among localities, nationalities and continents similar to differences of Colors, shape and variety among Human species, nothing more nothing less.

I’ve limited knowledge, and I tend to extend my experiences through constant learning. My intentions are to add new capabilities and skills, correct and polish my assumptions over things.

To sum up, I believe I know who I am, and that always point to: A curious Human, aiming to improve and perfect the process of Life, at least keep trying and keep learning from every single day spent.

The best wisdom I’ve gain from my life is, differences are what makes every one of us unique but we’re one entity, Human. I know, I’m not very much of practical when it comes to realities of Life (though learning better those days to survive with dignity) and most of my thinking process are much likely similar to a Mad, or, a Baby.


Omaar Osmaan aka. Moonomo

ps. I’ve had written a different draft to share my stories but that draft gave me pain since I tried to tell some terrific story of recent events- thankfully, life is getting better and hopefully I could share a lots of fun with you guys in coming days! Sorry, for the hibernation- :)


Baby & Me!


Living younger is fun! (Looking back is sometimes, not fun! Forgetting the spoiler and) Couldn’t resist to share this incredibly awesome commercial!

Dance like that, yo! ;)




There are friendship, you feel the bond deeply. Without any connection to blood relation you call them your family. Spend time together through fun, sorrow and those mixture that life gives you, mutually.

And one day, they leave you. Just like that.

Seeing I’m at somewhere walking. One of the care-taker (house employee) asking me whether he should hire a rickshaw to old Dhaka.

I looked at him with surprise, then told why I would want to go there? Then I call one of the people of my past, and that friend apologies, explains and so on.

That’s when I felt I’m in sleep, I need to continue sleeping rather going anywhere or talking over phone.

And, I woke up- realized I went back to moments of my life in nine/ten years back from now. It was dream!

Now mixed up feelings, nostalgia and all those surprise destroyed the sleepiness.

I’m noting this and thinking about the past that passes by and still touching me back, one way or another.


ps. I tend to not share things about me or so! Apparently, I know its due and I *should* fill the gap for my friends. I’ll touch my ventures/me and talk about not-so-expressed facts, soon!