Code is Poetry


Duh! How time files~

Last year I first started using Grunt into my Development process- rendering LESS was the starter- later moved to SASS/SCSS.

The fun lead to utilizing more and more automated task for WordPress development (for example automated RTL version of the CSS, making MO/PO etc), but then focus distributed to too many things like Designing the UI, then preparing code-base to testing out UX. Eventually along with tons of trail and test, the whole product evolution went on and Design gets a shape.

Not to mention- then the black-whole shines my life-in-between too (those ‘Who Am I‘ posts noted a few things though). Had had to move on, anyway.

When got back into finalize the code- multiple revision took place, Design-Code-Test, repeat again, innovating new ways to do the thing and so so. Finally, time comes to build-up the release. Pleasingly, built few things that’s unique to current WordPress echo system.

Now, looking into the WordPress Core development process just feels amazing- they too merged into last year and even built coolest cool WordPress Frontier thingy- A New Frontier for Core Development.

I just have had to rearrange my setup and make it same same. Next step should be to check into their Unit Testing methodology and build process for my codes.

Mixed feelings is that- how on earth I took that many month to sit for release!! Duh!!


Keep Moving Forward


No regrets, just love- we can dance until we die- will be young forever-

Don’t ever look back! Don’t ever look back!

That’s the sums of the year 2014, coincidentally that’s a song of Katy Perry! Hehehe-


And then again, I’m Back-


Ended up with a unwanted upgrade to 1TB SATA HDD for my MacBook Pro-

Most likely some boot level clusters busted- so unwanted, twice, re-installation of dual OS just lead to dumping old 160GB HDD. To compensate the time wasted and the annoyance I got (whenever I try to count the clock- world tend to go upside down- that annoyance) I’m also dumping earphone I was using since my iPhone 3rd generation and unpacking brand new ear-pod, which came with iPhone 5 more than a year ago (I totally forgot about it)-

The time got really hot for a day, too- since I caught by cold and had a 24 hours of fever-burnt warmup (which usually rare thing to happen to me).

And then again, I’m back! Heh! Eh! Yay! :D


The notion of “Workaholic”


Can you imagine a work-free life? A whole day, nothing to do. Sounds great. A work-less week would be greater-

Bunch of weeks and then months or years? Honestly, you will just end up being mad for not doing any ‘work’. Our mind actually need ‘works’ to juggle the world around us-

Finding passion, a reason why you will do the ‘job’ helps you to inspire to keep doing it. Find your reason.

Secondly, don’t just keep working and working- Look for ways how you can simplify the process of your work. How can you manage the effort to boost the outcome. Once you up for that challenge- work just become sweet. Challenge your work.

Lastly, have fun doing it! That’s precious-


~ In response to the question asked on Quora.


Get along with “Self”


If your stress level is high, try to cut off the sources! Don’t blame- don’t complain. Stay away from all things that emphasis anything related to “negative”.

Trying to take inspiration from others wont work either- just explore your soul, learn more about your “Self” and get along with it. That’s it!