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WordPress Site-Icon-Customizer

WordPress “Billie” 4.3 has been released today. It has many great features including Site Icons, New Password System, Customizer Improvements and many other things including improvements like ‘Turning off comments on Page by Default’.

Last few months I’ve been spending time on WordPress Slack channels and so far engaged in a lot of conversations- suggested few correction on the new Handbook Docs for themes, pushed Site Icons feature priority with others, argued with Helen (Lead WP Dev) and Core Devs to giving ‘Turning off comments on Page by Default’ feature a priority, enticed Matt (WordPress Founder) to re-innovate WordPress Theme Directory and had so many great arguments and conversation with WordPress Org Theme-Review-Team for theme requirements and other improvements. The best part was the meeting with great minded people over there.

And, so far I was also able to keep me out of Props list- ;)

Looking forward for more in-depth contribution in 4.4 and beyond, hoping I’ll get into core patches and giving hands on other things along with many awesome people who making the WordPress greater with each release.

Rant of the day-

To whom it may concern- there is no failure. Only winning or learning. There is no glory when you’re up to impress someone or everyone. Pride is a sickness, not happiness.

Appreciate what you have, and offer a solution to the problems, or else just accept it and live with it.

For what it’s worth, life is about seeking knowledge, and not to be afraid of making mistakes to improve eventually.


Omaar Osmaan

Snowbird Personal Blog PSD Template

Snowbird Personal Blog PSD Template

We’ve our first item listed on ThemeForest Marketplace- it’s Snowbird Personal Blog PSD Template.

It is a tough job to get the entry to the huge popular marketplace specially when we want to keep a theme simple and useful to the right audience- Glad the concept approved with just single shot! We’ve other item queued and had struggling a bit for other designs- it’s a great start none-the-less. Next would be a working HTML version of the design, and then a real working WordPress theme (figured splitting the process is a great way to enter that marketplace!).

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the xFrontend – WordPress Theme Shop– hoping early next month would it be open for business. :)

What Clients Don’t Know

Here’s another talk from Mike Monteiro regarding responsibilities to getting the things done rightfully.

Earlier, I saw on twitter that Matt said something about WordPress Theme Industry on WordCamp Europe but I missed it. I was pushing WordPress Org admins (including Matt) for certain changes (I’ll share about those in a post), so I kinda felt annoyed to miss the talk- and then watch other talks on WordCamp Europe. Their YouTube live streaming sort-of flickered now and then, may be had some technical issue from the organizer.

Ended up watching Monteiro talking strongly, as that always makes me feel better- :))